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FALLDOWN Collection

$20.00 - $50.00

This month I got the pleasure of working with my favorite local artist Robbie Falldown on some mini prints I shot within the last year. Robbie's art is an unmistakable talent you see plastered all over our great city of Ottawa, Ontario. Whether you have seen it on window display's, chalk board menus, and even shoes it is something that captures you and really brings out an almost child like fun feel that never gets old. I will never get tired or uncreative after seeing his work around which makes me so happy I got to collaborate with him on something that can give back.
This month I will be selling prints that he doodled over to fundraise money for the Children's Aid Foundation of Ottawa. The CAF focuses on children and youth education in the child welfare system, children and youth in extreme living situations, youth transitioning between entering and exiting foster care, and giving kids better experience's with their holiday's.

Prints will be sold individually and also as a package of 3. When purchasing leave the print(s) title name in the notes or instructions at the bottom of the checkout page!!!!

Good Morning Sun (top row left)
Rocket Ship (top row middle)
Break-Dancer (top row right)
Ok Bye (middle row left)
I'm Fine Plane (middle row middle)
Loch Ness Monster (middle row right)
Skatermunk (bottom row left)
Message in the bottle (bottom row middle)
Wow Lambo (bottom row right)

For more information please feel free on sending an email!